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Weneo SIM (8GB)

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  • Secured USB key with built-in smart card component and/or smart card slot for SIM format
  • 8 GB mass storage
  • Custom partitioning with password-protected access
  • RFID/NFC antenna for contactless communication)

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• Open platform for multiple applications
• Compatible with already deployed solutions
• Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux (PCSC / CCID standard, no driver needed for the smart card reader part)
• Protected mass storage
• Contactless feature for physical access control and other services like time clock, secure printing, canteen...)

Weneo tokens:

In the lineage of smart cards, the new range of USB secure tokens is relying on smart card performances as well in connected mode as in contactlesss mode (RFID/NFC). Unachieved Flash memory capacities have been added. So Weneo 2.0 becomes an ideal personal or professional object to protect your identity, your access, your data and your transactions on your computer

Optional Services:

• Flash content customization
• Graphical customization (logo, photo, name, number...)
(• Smart card personalization )

Multiple applications:

• Identity, access control, data protection, payment, e-ticketing...

  • Poids 20g

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