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Internet has become in recent years a great tool to communicate, share, exchange and provide new services to users. This explosion of digital services was also linked with a massive increase in fraud, identity theft (phishing), data theft and cyber attacks.

Neowave main mission is to address all of these issues through strong authentication technologies based on digital certificates on secured products.

Neowave offers a wide range of products based on smart cards technology:
• Weneo and Linkeo ranges for professionals: private sector, public sector, professional organizations
• Keydo range for internet service providers (web / cloud): content providers, enterprise solutions in SaaS mode, financial services (banking / insurance / crypto-currencies), online games, health services (assurances / hospitals / laboratories), companies using Google Accounts Pro ... and for individuals (gmail)

All these products are compatible with most of the security software and hardware already deployed.

They are entirely designed and manufactured in France in compliance with environmental rules.

They are used daily by tens of thousands users for many strong authentication applications, dematerialization and electronic signature within companies, government departments, local authorities and professional organizations.

Neowave is a member of the Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS) Cluster.

Neowave is a member of the FIDO international alliance.

Neowave is a member of HEXATRUST Association (Cybersecurity & Digital Trust)