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Winkeo ID 2.0

  • USB SIM-sized smart card reader
  • Smart card (SIM) with EAL4+ / EAL5+ Common Criteria certification
  • AET SafeSign Identity Client middleware for two-factor authentication (Windows smart card logon, SSO), digital signature, encryption, etc.

Winkeo ID 2.0 is a personal object to protect your data in mobility, to access both company buildings and network in full security. Winkeo ID 2.0 offers two-factor strong authentication features based on smart card.
Winkeo ID 2.0 scalability allows users to host third party certificates inside the token for digital signature.

Winkeo ID 2.0 solutions are compatible with most of already deployed professionnal software.

Winkeo ID 2.0 allows to manage logical access rights in a centralized way inside your organization. Our partners administration tools interface with Winkeo middleware, authorizing:

• PKI certificates and keys generation

• Enrolment (Winkeo user matching)

• Logical rights revocation

• Reliable access logs management

Length 49.50 mm
Width 21.50 mm
Thickness 9 mm

SIM smart card
• Java Card™ / GlobalPlatform or native operating system  
• EAL4+ / EAL5+ CC certification level

Common Criteria certification depends on the Java Card. Please contact us for more information.

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AET SafeSign Middleware Software
• This software is sometimes called "smart card driver".
• If you already bought a Winkeo ID solution and you lost your middleware software please contact:

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