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Keydo (Fido U2F)

  • Smart card based security
  • Easy to use (no driver needed)
  • Strong authentication for the web/cloud
  • Strong metal casing
  • FIDO Ready certified by Fido Alliance
  • Labelled "France Cybersecurity"
  • Compatibility with Facebook, Gmail, Salesforce...
  • Private keys never leave your Keydo device

Product labelled "France Cybersecurity" 2017.

A wide range of benefits:
• Anti-Phishing protection (much more secure than SMS and OTP/TOTP solutions)
• Easy to use and deploy (HID device: no driver required)
• Full compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux
• No security failure in case of key or password theft (Authentication requires both of them)
• Private key storage based on smart card component (PKI / elliptic curves)
• Fully compliant with Facebook, Google services (Gmail, Youtube, Google Ad, etc.), Github, Dropbox, FastMail, Dashlane, Salesforce...
• Extended compatibility (Office 365, Zimbra, etc.) through Web SSO and federation identities providers

Supported browsers :
Built-in support :
Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera.
Mozilla Firefox.
Microsoft Edge (through WebAuthn/FIDO2 CTAP)

Keydo (FIDO U2F) : Easy and secure strong authentication

Optional Services:

• Graphical customization: logo, photo, name, number...
• Server solution integration / SDK

Neowave is a FIDO alliance member.

Length 59 mm
Width 12 mm
Thickness 7 mm
Color Grey / Black Alu
Weight 7 g

Built-in smart card
• Up to 100 identities
• Smart card : EAL4+ CC Security Certification level

PDF Flyer

Smart card reader driver
• Windows : No driver needed
• Mac OS X : No driver needed
• Linux : System Configuration documentation (pdf)

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