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1 Feb

Use a France Cybersecurity 2017 labeled product to protect your facebook accounts

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FIDO is an international alliance created by the giants of Internet to strongly protect the Web access (login + password) against identity theft and phishing attacks.

At the last FIC event in Lille (24-25 January 2017), Keydo FIDO U2F security key by NEOWAVE obtained the France Cybersecurity 2017 Label.

Facebook reinforces the security of user accounts by supporting the FIDO U2F protocol. To do this, acquire a security key and activate it in settings/security and login approval.

The Keydo security key is available from our partners, on NEOWAVE shop:
and Amazon (FR, IT, ES, DE, UK)


17 Mai

Certification FIDO U2F (Keydo)

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Keydo U2F security key by NEOWAVE obtained FIDO U2F certification from FIDO Alliance.

Keydo USB token a FIDO U2F compatible solution for destop or laptops with Windows, OS X, Chrome OS or Linux.

Keydo product page.
Site de la FIDO Alliance.

18 April

Badgeo NFC U2F (new product)

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NEOWAVE launches Badgeo NFC U2F products: FIDO U2F compatible NFC Card for smartphones and tablets
FIDO U2F certified NFC card (ISO/IEC 14443)
Smart card based secure storage (Common Criteria EAL 5+ certification)
Easy to deploy and easy to use
(compatible with all Android platforms)

Product flyer (PDF).
Product Page.

14 April

Badgeo ID 2.0 (new product)

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NEOWAVE launches Badgeo ID 2.0 products: smart cards with contact and / or NFC interface(s) with middleware
Logical access and data protection:
- Smart card with contact (ISO 7816) and /or NFC (ISO / IEC 14443) interfaces
- Smart card based secure storage (Common Criteria up to EAL 5+ certification)
- Middleware software for two-factor strong authentication (i.e.: secure Windows smart card based logon, SSO) and for digital signature solutions, encryption, etc.

Product flyer (PDF).
Product Page.


04 Nov

Keydo Flash Drive (new product)

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NEOWAVE launches Keydo Flash Drive, a portable and zero footprint solution for Web/Cloud FIDO U2F strong authentication
New Keydo Flash Drive by NEOWAVE just passed FIDO U2F certification and interop tests.
This new product line provides a unique security device with a various range of functionalities:
- FIDO U2F USB Security Key (anti phishing protection / built-in smart card)
- USB 3.0 Flash Drive: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
- 256-bit AES hardware data encryption (resizable public and private partitions)
- Optional portable web browser

Press Release (PDF).
Product Page.

25 Sept

Partnership with Brio

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Brio partners with NEOWAVE to provide a simple and easy solution to protect users from phishing. In an attempt to counter the rise in phishing and other digital security threats, Brio and NEOWAVE entered into an alliance to start deploying NEOWAVE’s Keydo FIDO U2F security key to Google for Work users. Brio is an authorized reseller for Keydo Fido U2F and other NEOWAVE security products in India.

Press Release (PDF).
Product page.

30 Jun

Partnership with Trustelem and gPartner

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Prevent from phishing with Keydo FIDO U2F security key.
Due to phishing resurgence and a significant increase of digital attacks, NEOWAVE and gPartner signed a partnership agreement to promote and deploy the Keydo FIDO U2F security key to Google for Work users.

Press Release (PDF).
Product page.

23 Apr

New website

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More up to date content and responsive design.