PARIS - CARTES 2009 Sesame award

Best IT Security Sesame was awarded to Neowave for its Weneo IDentity solution.
Weneo IDentity is the Smart
Object solution for the
enterprise: a single pass
offering logical and physical
access control.

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Weneo Transport
  - RFID/NFC Transport Pass

- Online ticket reloading

- Personal productivity (Flash drive)

- Other Web and RFID services
  (payment, parking access, loyalty …)

Smart Objects at the heart of a service offer to answer the needs of community of users in mass transit.

From paper ticket to Smart Objects in mass transit:
Weneo Smart Objects from Neowave are announcing a new era of dematerialization and of services bouquet for commuters.

For transport authorities:
While re-enforcing interoperability and intermodality, these new media are also cost reduction drivers for transport authorities. They contribute to build a modern image and a powerful communication vector for local authorities.

For commuters:
It means more mobility and autonomy thanks to the possibility to perform online ticket reloading from home, from any PC and this at any hour of the day. Furthermore, it opens the door to other web and RFID/NFC services. As a flash drive, it is also a personal productivity tool. Without replacing existing ticketing solutions Weneo paves the way to digital and web era for user oriented services ticketing.



A real answer to users’ community needs:
Schoolchildren, students, company employees are examples of communities using public transport. For them, Weneo is providing the perfect answer to common and multiple needs with a unique Pass thus simplifying their daily life (mass transit, payment,e-ticketing, identification,physical access, logical access…). Similar benefits can be extended to other groups or community of users such as tourists or soccer team subscribers…

For commuters and more generally public transport users, it means:
the end of queuing at ticket office and the end of having multiple media to solve interoperability and intermodality issues. At last, a unique Pass to answer multiple needs with a great ease of use relying on mass transit, to allow RFID/NFC transactions and web services offer evolution in accordance with community of users’ demand.

Around the Smart Objects, the online reloading system:
To set-up the complete online reloading system, Neowave proposes its expertise in ticketing system and security to provide the appropriate technical support. Neowave can also supply the potential missing bricks such as the “Neowave bridge applet” to interface with PC/SC devices. It is to be noted that Weneo Smart Objects are compliant with the available online reloading servers from the main transport integrators and operators. Neowave also proposes Weneo NFC, a unique contactless reader dedicated to online reloading with the USB key form factor of the Weneo range, to allow easy and ergonomic online reloading from home.
Architecture of a dematerialization solution (example):

  Weneo Transport [ PDF ]
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Compatible with all Weneo products

Weneo Smart objects from Neowave combine
a high levelof security thanks to their built-in smart card together with the USB connectivity and RFID/NFC communication benefits.
They are at the heart of the service offer in
mass transit.

Supported standards:

• RFID : ISO / IEC 14443 A / B / MIFARE / B’
• ISO / IEC 7816
• USB 2.0
• PC / SC


• Calypso, MIFARE,
DESFire based ticketing systems.
• Main online reloading servers.

Personalization services
• Electrical
• Autorun feature (menu, application, URL...)
• Mass storage content
• Graphical (color, logo, text...)

Other features
• Standard (mm): 34 x 67 x 8
• DUO, SIM, PASS, NFC (mm):  35 x 72 x 9
• Weight: 20g

Operating Systems
• Microsoft Windows 200, XP, Vista, Seven
• Linux, Apple Mac OS X

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
• Mozilla Firefox 2.x, 3.x

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about complete dematerialization solutions.  
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