PARIS - CARTES 2009 Sesame award

Best IT Security Sesame was awarded to Neowave for its Weneo IDentity solution.
Weneo IDentity is the Smart
Object solution for the
enterprise: a single pass
offering logical and physical
access control.

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Weneo IDentity  
  - Physical access control

- Logical access control

- NFC/RFID Services (payment, mass transit...)

Neowave’s Weneo smart objects combine the highest levels of security provided by smart card technology with the benefits of USB and NFC/RFID contactless connectivity.

The Weneo ID solution includes software and services that support its seamless integration within the infrastructure of your enterprise.

Supported standards:
• RFID : ISO / IEC 14443 A / B / MIFARE / B’
• ISO / IEC 7816
• USB 2.0
• CSP, PKCS#11, PKCS#12, PKCS#15

• RFID badge readers: Legic, Deister, STid, TIL, Horoquartz, etc.


Compatible with all Weneo products:
Weneo Standard, Pass, SIM, Duo, NFC.



Neowave’s enterprise solution, Weneo IDentity, helps organisations protect their informational and physical assets, while simplifying the daily life of their contributors and optimising their operational costs.

Modern threats are both complex and targeted. In addition to outside attackers, insiders may also be at play. Risks range from intrusion, vandalism, intellectual property theft and data leakage. Mitigating those risks requires a comprehensive
approach to managing corporate identities and controlling access.

Here’s how Weneo IDentity can help you:

1- Improve the overall security posture of your enterprise:
• Easily deploy strong authentication (Windows Logon, VPN, Web/SSL authentication) and electronic signature solutions.
• Capitalise on the NFC/RFID readers already deployed in your environment (offices, cafeteria, car park, etc).
• Centrally manage physical and digital identities, to increase control and reactivity in case of incidents.

2- Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees:
• Provide easy yet secure access to corporate facilities and IT resources.
• Simplify daily tasks such as paying at the cafeteria or the vending machine (no coins required anymore).
• Provide a convenient and paper-less solution for mass transit and events ticketing.

3- Reduce your operating expenses by replacing badges and smart cards with a single object, that can be easily deployed and maintained, and can evolve with your needs:
• Personalisation to the specific needs of your organisation.
• Enrolment & deployment using your favourite Card Management System.
• Firmware updates, addition and change of certificates, online provisioning of new applications and services

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Weneo IDentity won the Best IT Security Sesame award at "Cartes 2009" exhibition.

Sesame Cartes 2009 Press Release



When USB tokens are to be deployed in an organisation, stable software that is based on industry standards and protocols is required. Our solution provides both PKCS#11 and Microsoft CryptoAPI (CSP) implementations, fully compliant with leading industry standards and protocols, while being so flexible that it can be used with multiple Operating Systems through USB or the RFID contactless interface.

Now the same object can manage logical (workstation logon, web authentication...) and physical access (doors, turnstiles...)

Strong authentication & logon

Enables two-factor authentication/logon to the network, client PC or application, using the Weneo USB/RFID token.

Session authentication & roaming
Middleware supports session roaming when working in Microsoft® Terminal Server, Citrix® or Sun environments

Single Sign On & application support
Enables use of Weneo USB/RFID tokens by any application supporting digital certificates, such as Microsoft®, Adobe®, Check Point®, Citrix® and many more.

Secure transactions & information
Supports the use of Weneo USB/RFID tokens for other functionality like encryption and digital signing. For example, Outlook can be configured to use the certificate on the end user’s token to digitally sign email messages, or en- and decrypt emails including attachments.

Management utility
Full-function management utility allows PIN/PUK changes, PIN unblock, token initialization, import and deletion of certificates.

Standards based
Neowave middleware supports both MS CryptoAPI and PKCS#11 based applications. Additional standards supported include CCID, PC/SC, Java Card™, PKCS#12 and PKCS#15.

Management of certificates and keys
Our solution enables the import of digital certificates and the secure storage of externally generated keys. It also permits applications to initiate key generation directly on the smart card inside the USB/RFID token. Thus the key will never leave the token and is not vulnerable to identity theft.

Broad user base
The middleware is proven to be reliable by over 10 million users worldwide, from consumer to enterprise markets, in all industries where information matters.

All-in-one solution
Both the certificate storage area and MIFARE area can be managed through USB, providing a unique centralized ID management. Logical access (usually USB based) and physical access (usually RFID based) are no longer isolated even if managed by different administrators with different rights.

Compatible with all Weneo products
Personalization services
• Electrical
• Autorun feature (menu, application, URL...)
• Mass storage content
• Graphical (color, logo, text...)
Other features
• Standard (mm): 34 x 67 x 8
• Duo, SIM, PASS, NFC (mm):  35 x 72 x 9
• Weight: 20g
Supported applications
All CSP or PKCS#11/12
compliant applications like:

• Workstation / network access
• Secure remote access / VPN
• Browsers / Web authentication
• PKI / CA
• File & email encryption software
• File & email signing software
• Single Sign On
• Wireless network access (Wifi)
• Application access / groupware
Operating Systems
• Microsoft Windows 200, XP, Vista, Seven
• Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Citrix, TSE

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
• Mozilla Firefox 2.x, 3.x
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