PARIS - CARTES 2009 Sesame award

Best IT Security Sesame was awarded to Neowave for its Weneo IDentity solution.
Weneo IDentity is the Smart
Object solution for the
enterprise: a single pass
offering logical and physical
access control.
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Weneo product range life cycle management

As smart cards, smart objects require personalization services to manage their life cycle. Meanwhile they request also more sophisticated and new services to support the non-smart card functions and to take benefits of the newly offered connectivity. Basically the personalization services offered by Neowave include:

Factory personalization services


  • Smart card chip pre-personalization
  • Smart card chip personalization
  • Smart card chip Java Card™ applet download, installation and personalization
  • Main processor firmware customization
  • Main processor firmware download
  • CD-ROM content customization (autorun feature)
  • Flash memory application download
  • Flash memory data download


  • Customer logo
  • End-user personal data : name, unique ID number …
On-line update and personalization services

Neowave is developing new on-line services to support customers and operators request to enhance, update or modify the Smart Object content all along its life cycle. It includes:

  • Smart card chip Java Card™ applet download, installation and personalization
  • Personalization update, end-user profile update
  • On-line full personalization process
  • Main processor firmware update
  • Smart Object temporary locking or end of life

Thanks to this portfolio of services, Neowave Smart Objects will expand their possibilities and extend their life to satisfy operators and customers expectations.

If you have other special requirements or questions, do not hesite to contact us.

Graphical personnalization
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On-line personnalzation
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