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Conseil Général de l'Aube chooses Weneo IDentity    

Munich, Germany and Gardanne, France
07 December 2010 - at Cartes & Identification 2010,

Neowave and charismathics announced their first joint win, less than three months after they entered into a partnership agreement.

At the end of a public tender process, the local government body Conseil Général de l’Aube has preferred Neowave’s Weneo IDentity Duo 1 GB solution. Initially, 1500 public servants will use a smart device to authenticate to the IT network and sign documents electronically. Eventually, Weneo will also serve as a contactless badge, for a number of applications: physical access control, time management and secure printing.
Dematerialization at the heart of the Conseil Général’s IT strategy

For Philippe Ricard, the Conseil Général’s Director of IT, the full dematerialization of documents and, most importantly, processes, can only be achieved if all agents are provided with the right tools: an electronic signature application, to sign and review signatures, an electronic vault, to safely store and retrieve signed documents, and, of course, an electronic certificate.

«We have been looking for a cryptographic media that would be able to securely host a certificate from our internal PKI (EJBCA), while, at the same time, providing the convenience of a traditional USB memory stick, together with the RFID capability that we will need to deploy contactless applications in the near future.

The Weneo solution met the bill very effectively», said Mr Ricard.

Mr Ricard is considering using that feature to allow those agents who need to sign documents with qualified certificates, to do it using a single secure object.

When it comes to strong network authentication, the solution relies on charismathics’ middleware, which Neowave chose for its comprehensiveness and stability. Installed on all workstations, the software ensures the communication between Weneo’s smart card, on the one end, and the operating system (Windows XP), directory (Active Directory) and PKI (EJBCA), on the other end. Upon inserting a Weneo token in the USB port of a computer, the middleware passes on the certificate to Windows, which then lets the user type his secret code in order to open the session

about charismathics

charismathics is a global leader in identity management software. Its premier product, the charismathics Smart Security Interface (CSSI), makes it cost-effective and easy for enterprises to integrate multiple authentication solutions into a single, transparent interface. Since 2003, charismathics has pioneered the field of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), introducing the first PKI client to support Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) and the first PKI client to support pre-boot environments. charismathics’ iEnigma software secures handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch and provides streamlined two-factor authentication for the enterprise. charismathics offers its security products and services in a variety of industries including building security, banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, government and computer manufacturing.

For graphics media resources, please visit:

charismathics GmbH
Daniela Previtali
Director Product Marketing
Tel.: +39 348 3836293
Fax: +49 89 30906729

about Neowave

Neowave, a French company created in 2007 in Gardanne, Provence, at the heart of the Secure Communications Solutions cluster, is a global leader in the emerging Smart Objects market. The Weneo products are personal, communicative, compact and multifunctional devices, combining the high security of Smart Cards with the advantages of USB and RFID/NFC connectivity. The Weneo IDentity product range combines the functions of a token for strong authentication, encryption and electronic signature, a contactless badge for physical access control, time management, secure printing and canteen payment, and a secure USB memory stick.

Stéphane de Saint Albain
VP Enterprise Business Unit
Tel.: +33 4 42505079

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