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10 June, 2008 - PARIS, FRANCE

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Neowave launches an innovative ID Photo Smart Object addressing mass transit user's expectations.

A new USB format Smart Object is born allowing end-users to personalize their Smart Object by themselves and operators to perform an easy visual control.

Breaking the Smart Card barriers, Weneo Pass Smart Objects are new portable and secure e-medias providing users’ empowerment thanks to their PC and Web connectivity. They feature a huge memory capacity and processing power in addition to the standard contactless smart cards capabilities
Gardanne, June, 10th 2008, NEOWAVE is demonstrating at the Transport Public show (June 10th-12th) at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles (Paris- France) a new concept of Mass transit oriented Smart Objects combining new features:

  • Self-personalization: by introducing a personal ID-Photo in the lockable Weneo slot and by validating his subscription over Internet, the user transforms the standard Weneo Pass into HIS own personal Smart Object
  • Visual control: the visible and securely locked ID photo allows the controller to confirm the Weneo Pass holder is the real Smart Objects’ owner.

Standard features of the Weneo range:

  • Mass transit contactless access “card” compliant with the existing infrastructures.
  • Web and PC connectivity creating a unique dematerialization tool to reload tickets, update rights and personal data through the operator Website.
  • Personal productivity tool thanks to the huge and secure Flash memory of the Weneo.
  • Auto-installation and auto-run to facilitate Weneo’s use.

Major benefits for end-users are easiness of use, autonomy, and mobility; whereas Security, new services opportunities and reduced transaction costs are some of the advantages for operators in mass transit but also in other fields of activity.

The Weneo Pass is a new attractive device of the world-class Weneo product range from Neowave, which has been launched end of last year at Cartes 2007. Weneo products have already been selected by several major operators to elaborate pilots in 2008 in various market segments including: mass transit, payment, corporate security and telecom.

Smart Objects is the core business of NeoWave. It is at the heart of the contactless revolution for the secured transactions world. Neowave Smart Object is a portable and personal object with all the smart card security and functions included. In addition, it features the direct web and PC connectivity thanks to its USB interface and includes an unachieved power (mass storage capacity and processing power). NeoWave Smart Objects offer new opportunities in a wide range of applications such as:

• Mass transit: validation, reloading, on-line ticketing…
• Company/buildings: physical and logical access, secure file transfer
• Payment: contactless payment, reloading, on-line payment
• Education: e-satchel, bus, metro, access control, network access, e-ticketing, secure file transfer…)
• Multimedia, Identity, Healthcare

NeoWave Smart Object form factor along with its internal architecture is the kernel of a unique and innovative tool. Plug and Play and user-friendly it manages its own installation. NeoWave products result from the expertise of the 4 founders in the following domains: smart cards, embedded OS, secure chips and consumer products. Created in June 2007, NeoWave is a start-up located at Gardanne in the South of France.

Michel LEDUC
VP Marketing & Sales
+33 4 42 50 75 04

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