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Grenoble, May 19, 2010

Weneo Pass by Neowave now available for easy online reloading of transport tickets on the TAG transportation network in Grenoble

In a swift and easy gesture, TAG customers just have to connect their Weneo Pass on the USB port of their computer. Within a few clicks, they can purchase their transport tickets and reload them on their USB key format Weneo Pass, at home or from any location with an internet access point, and all round the clock. Using the Weneo Pass to travel on TAG public transportation network is as easy as using a contactless card.

After a pilot phase of field-test that confirmed customers’ interest in this new medium, Semitag has selected the Weneo Pass from Neowave to roll out this new service and offer it to TAG customers. Neowave relies on its partner ASK, already supplier of OURA and ATOUTAG contactless smart cards, for a high quality personalization service.

Online reloading with Weneo Pass is a new service meant to facilitate TAG end-users and grant them a better access to our services, 24 hours a day” says Mr. Philippe Gonnard, business development and marketing director at Semitag.
According to Mr. Michel LEDUC, marketing and communication manager at Neowave “Semitag and Neowave common work to roll out this new service will strengthen the concept and outline value-added services with smart objects to meet usage communities’ requirements.

Through our partnership with Neowave, our clients can offer new services to their customers. Online reloading is meant to grow and Weneo is a secure and user-friendly solution for transportation” says Mr. Amand Cochet, ASK VP marketing & business lines.

About Neowave 

With Smart Objects as its core business, Neowave revolutionizes dematerialization and online services by simplifying secure Internet and contactless transactions for various communities of users. Weneo Smart Objects combine the high level of security provided by Smart Cards with the benefits of USB connectivity and contactless NFC/RFID technologies.

Neowave’s products and services address the needs of the following user communities:

  • Local governments: contactless validation of mass transit tickets, physical access to municipal services and collective infrastructures (pools, library, etc), with online booking and reloading.
  • Enterprises: physical and logical access control, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, e-payment at the cafeteria, e-ticketing, etc.
  • Banking: strong web authentication for secure access to accounts, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, online payments and contactless micro-payments.
  • Other communities: education, health, sports clubs, etc.

Founded in June 2007 in Gardanne, at the heart of the SCS cluster (Secure Communication Solutions), Neowave was built on the expertise of its founders in Smart Card technology, embedded software, secure components and enterprise security solutions.

Michel Leduc
Marketing and Communication manager           
Tel.: +33 (0)4 42 50 75 04
Cell : +33  (0)631617021

About Semitag :
Since 1975, Sémitag is in charge of managing the whole network of public transport in Grenoble greater area on behalf of Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun (SMTC).

Main missions include:

  • Daily transportation services (bus and tramways),
  • To advise the Organizing Authority in technical choices for quantity and quality changes,
  • To design and follow up projects of the Organizing Authority
  • To implement new travelling modes as an alternative to private cars

Sémitag sells tickets through various distribution channels:

  • 4 sales agencies
  • A network of agents
  • 150 automatic vending machines at the tramway stations
  • In buses

With online selling, Sémitag widens and strenghtens its distribution channel.

Philippe Gonnard
Directeur Développement et Marketing

Tel. : +33 4 76 20 66 14
Cell : +33 6 71 57 78 58

About ASK
ASK, with over 160 million contactless products in circulation in more than 50 countries, is a worldwide leading provider of a full range of contactless products including smart cards, smart tickets, smart adhesive labels, readers, inlays for electronic passports or contactless smart cards and eDocuments. ASK is ISO9001 certified and holds a portfolio of 55 patents to date. ASK is a France-headquartered company with worldwide customers, and subsidiaries in Singapore, China, India, Mexico, Brazil and the US.

Claire Boyer
Communication Manager         
Tel.: +33 (0)
Cell: +33 (0)


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