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April 2010
London, UK


Award-winning Weneo Identity demonstrated
at InfoSec Europe 2010

Select list of customers to pick up free trial sample on Neowave’s booth

Gardanne, 15th April 2010 – Neowave will be exhibiting at the Infosecurity Europe show at Earls Court, London, from April 27 to 29, 2010. For the second consecutive year, the company will be present on the Pavilion hosted by the French Embassy in London (booth D30G). This year, Neowave will demonstrate Weneo Identity, its enterprise security solution, winner of the Sesame for best IT security solution at Cartes & Identification, in November 2009.

Neowave’s Smart Objects enable communities to offer secure, portable, multi-service devices based on contactless (RFID/NFC) and Smart Card technology. Representing a person within a given community, Weneo makes it easier for the user to authenticate and access services specific to his or her day-to-day environment. Simplified daily tasks include: purchasing e-tickets online and validating them in mass transit systems, accessing buildings requiring identification, logging securely into a corporate network to access shared resources, paying in contactless mode at the cafeteria or vending machine, signing documents electronically, etc.

The Weneo Identity solution combines the convenient form factor and USB storage and connectivity of the Weneo family of products with AET Europe’s middleware, to ensure interoperability with an enterprise’s IT and security infrastructure. With Weneo Identity, local governments, universities, hospitals and businesses of all sizes can deliver a single “pass” to their users, that combines multiple security functions in a centrally managed environment. The features include:

  • Contactless validation at the entrance of buildings and parking facilities,
  • Strong, two factor authentication to a PC and corporate network, including remotely via a VPN connection,
  • Strong mutual authentication to a website using SSL certificates,
  • Data storage with PIN code protected access to partitions,
  • Data encryption, electronic signature of emails and documents, using dedicated software and PKI certificates.

« A distinctive benefit of Weneo as a security device lies in its multi-functional nature, says Stéphane de Saint Albin, VP Enterprise Business Unit and private investor in the company. By combining physical and logical access control, Weneo becomes a very efficient security policy enforcer, because users need to logout of their workstations prior to exiting the building, or in order to pay for their coffee and lunch, if a canteen card function is also provided. Security officers really love this feature. »

Beyond security, the platform can also host daily life services such as e-payment and e-ticketing, with online booking and reloading. With Weneo Duo’s innovative design, the device can embed a second Smart Card, dedicated to such applications.

Neowave’s second participation in the InfoSec Europe exhibition marks the company’s intention to broaden its market coverage in Europe. With customers and partners in most neighbouring countries except the UK, the show will be an excellent opportunity to identify potential customers and partners in this important market.

Neowave has hired the services of a UK consultant to foster contacts with UK customers, integrators and resellers ahead of and at the show. Select organisations have been offered the opportunity to receive a free, personalised evaluation unit, which will be available for them to pick up at the Neowave booth (D30G).

Neowave’s most significant references in France include national mass transportation leaders SNCF and RATP, the transportation authorities of Montpellier and Grenoble, the City of Bordeaux and the University of Toulon. The company is getting ready to open its capital to VC funding in 2010, in order to meet the challenges of growing market demand in the local government, university and enterprise security markets.

About Neowave 

With Smart Objects as its core business, Neowave revolutionizes dematerialization and online services by simplifying secure Internet and contactless transactions for various communities of users. Weneo Smart Objects combine the high level of security provided by Smart Cards with the benefits of USB connectivity and contactless NFC/RFID technologies.

Neowave’s products and services address the needs of the following user communities:

  • Local governments: contactless validation of mass transit tickets, physical access to municipal services and collective infrastructures (pools, libraries, etc), with online booking and reloading.
  • Enterprises: physical and logical access control, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, e-payment at the cafeteria, e-ticketing, etc.
  • Banking: strong web authentication for secure access to accounts, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, online payments and contactless micro-payments.
  • Other communities: education, health, sports clubs, etc.

Founded in June 2007 in Gardanne, at the heart of the SCS cluster (Secure Communication Solutions), Neowave was built on the expertise of its founders in Smart Card technology, embedded software, secure components and enterprise security solutions.

For more information, please contact:
Stéphane de Saint Albin,, +33 622 560 150

 [Weneo IDentity PDF Flyer]


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 Weneo IDentity PDF Flyer

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