PARIS - CARTES 2009 Sesame award

Best IT Security Sesame was awarded to Neowave for its Weneo IDentity solution.
Weneo IDentity is the Smart
Object solution for the
enterprise: a single pass
offering logical and physical
access control.
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Smart Objects is the core business of Neowave. It is at the heart of the contactless (RFID/NFC) revolution for the secured transactions world. Neowave Smart Objects are portable and personal objects with all the smart card security and functions included. In addition, they feature the direct web and PC connectivity thanks to their USB interface and outperform smart card in terms of mass storage capacity and processing power.
In the lineage of Smart Cards, Weneo Smart Objects feature a USB key form factor which allows for ground breaking performance in connected (PC, Web) and contactless (RFID/NFC) modes. They enable secure online reloading, secure transactions and strong authentication for a wide range of applications (mass transit, enterprise, payment, e-ticketing, healthcare…).

Neowave products:

Weneo Standard, Weneo SIM (SIM slot), Weneo Pass (Photo slot), Weneo Duo (two smart cards),
Weneo NFC (Reader).

Neowave solutions

Weneo IDentity (Enterprise Solution), Weneo Transport (Mass Transit Solution).
Neowave unveiled its first line of products:
the Weneo contactless Smart Objects

Weneo products are portable and personal objects featuring all the security of today contactless smart cards.

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As smart cards, smart objects require personalization services to manage their life cycle. Neowave is able to offer complex personalization services :
Electrical, Autorun feature,Mass-storage Content, Graphical...

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