Neowave launches Weneo 2.0, a new generation
of NFC Smart Objects with the most advanced level
of security and performances.



Gardanne , September 1st, 2011

In order to strengthen its leadership position on the NFC Smart Objects market, Neowave announces the launch of the Weneo 2.0 range. This new generation of NFC Smart Objects with a USB key form factor is filling the gap of performances, security and price competitiveness requested by corporate security and public transport customers.

Evolutions of Weneo 2.0 new generation of products from Neowave are:

Modularity: an open platform with a modular approach answering the various
applications requirements on the targeted markets and production cost optimization

Performances: High-Speed Flash communication interface, large Flash memory
capacities at competitive prices

Security : "on the fly" AES encryption for the private partition to protect efficiently
stored data in mobility

Thanks to these enhanced features Neowave intends to develop significantly sales on targeted markets:

For the corporate security market, Weneo Duo 2.0 version allows to embed 2 smart cards
and so to combine in a unique "Smart Object", for example: strong authentication (logon, VPN,SSO), electronic signature, secure Flash drive with AES encryption (4GB and more ), NFC/RFID access with online rights update.

As well in transport and local authorities' domains:

Based on a simplified architecture and featuring a competitive Flash drive function, the new
Weneo 2.0 range answers the demand from public transport end users looking for a "multi-
functions" key which will offer them more personal services than transport access and ticket

"Weneo 2.0 range of Smart Objects" is reaching an unachieved level of performance and
security to be the perfect complement of Smart Cards and mobile phones for the deployment of dematerialization services in domains such as Identity and Access management, Transport, e- banking and others. This new range will allow us to reinforce our commercial position and to develop our sales channels in France and abroad" said Bruno Bernard, Neowave's CEO.

About Neowave

With "Smart Objects" as its core business, Neowave revolutionizes dematerialization and online services by simplifying secure Internet and contactless transactions for various communities of users. Weneo Smart Objects combine the high level of security provided by Smart Cards with the benefits of USB connectivity and contactless NFC/RFID technologies.

Neowave's products and services address the needs of the following user communities:
Transport and local authorities: contactless validation of mass transit tickets, physical access to municipal services and collective infrastructures (pools, library, etc), with online booking and reloading.

Enterprises: Strong authentication (secure Logon, VPN,..), secure data storage ("on the fly" AES encryption), electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, RFID/NFC (physical access, time attendance, e-payment at the cafeteria,,...).

For any kind of information, please contact:

Michel LEDUC : michel.leduc@neowave.fr

 Tel : +33 4 42 50 75 04

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