With Weneo NFC, Neowave add value to its Smart Objects offering, dedicated to online reloading solutions.


For transport tickets online reloading but also for other city cards application, Neowave introduces a full range of consumer products with USB key format: Weneo NFC a contactless reader, and the full range of Weneo products. 

Gardanne , december 6th , 2010   – In addition to the Weneo Standard, Pass, SIM and Duo, the already deployed NFC/RFID USB keys  on different transport networks, Neowave launches  a NFC contactless reader/writer  to support the online  ticketing market.

Weneo NFC is an ultra compact and portable NFC contactless reader/writer allowing easy online reloading from home for contactless and dual cards. With a USB key form factor, it allows tickets and contracts purchasing and reloading on the move. Fully compliant with NFC and ISO14443 standards, Weneo NFC is the perfect interface to contactless cards, dual cards, NFC smart objects, tickets, tags and NFC mobile phone when available. With the appropriate SIM SWP card in its dedicated slot, it will feature card mode as the other Smart Objects from the Weneo range.
Weneo NFC with
USB key form factor

This new product from Neowave provide to contactless cards holders the simplest way to beneficiate from the online « boutique » and e-services platforms proposed by local authorities. 

Featuring a high level of performances, Weneo NFC contactless readers from Neowave are compliant with the standards in this field: ISO 7816-1/4, ISO 14443 A, B, Innovatron, PC/SC v2, CCID, NFC… and are perfectly fitting with the constraints of a consumer deployment.

Furthermore, thanks to its long expertise in smart card and secure transactions, Neowave proposes to integrators building bricks to create online « boutiques » and to develop e-platfoms for local authorities.

About Neowave 

With Smart Objects as its core business, Neowave revolutionizes dematerialization and online services by simplifying secure Internet and contactless transactions for various communities of users. Weneo Smart Objects combine the high level of security provided by Smart Cards with the benefits of USB connectivity and contactless NFC/RFID technologies.
Neowave’s products and services address the needs of the following user communities:

  • Local governments: contactless validation of mass transit tickets, physical access to municipal services and collective infrastructures (pools, library, etc), with online booking and reloading.
  • Enterprises: physical and logical access control, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, e-payment at the cafeteria, e-ticketing, etc.
  • Banking: strong web authentication for secure access to accounts, electronic signature using certificates securely stored on the device, online payments and contactless micro-payments.
  • Other communities: education, health, sports clubs, etc.

Founded in June 2007 in Gardanne, at the heart of the SCS cluster (Secure Communication Solutions), Neowave was built on the expertise of its founders in Smart Card technology, embedded software, secure components and enterprise security solutions.

For any kind of information, please contact:

Michel LEDUC : michel.leduc@neowave.fr

 Tel : +33 4 42 50 75 04
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