October 2008 - Paris, FRANCE


Neowave announces Weneo NFC

Neowave just announced Weneo NFC, a new version of its already deployed Weneo product series targeting the NFC markets. Weneo NFC provides a convergence solution between mobile telephony, Internet and contactless secure transactions environments.

Weneo NFC will allow mobile network operators customers to benefit from new services independently from their location. Thanks to Weneo NFC, the same services are available at home on a PC and/or on a handset when on the move.

When connected to a PC, communication with the handset is simplified as everything is run from the network operator’s server, taking advantage of a security brought by the SIM card
installed in Weneo. This way, the user can synchronize his directories, use softphone applications, or benefit from Weneo’s own secure memory for his own applications.

When on the move, Weneo NFC allows to connect instantly to Wifi hot spots. Also, the user will be able to organize his own NFC applications, such as transport, payment, loyalty,… between Weneo and handset.

“Weneo has all the technical qualitites and provides a mature hardware and software integration to answer the needs of various market players for the deployment of NFC services on an already recognized support such as a USB key” said Emmanuelle Bonville, consultant with Smart Consulting and involved in the project.

“Neowave is especially proud to put its expertise to the service of network operators for the realization of this Smart Object, companion of the NFC handset” said Bruno Bernard, Neowave CEO and co‐founder.


Smart Object is the core business of Neowave. It is at the heart of the contactless revolution for the secured transactions world. Neowave Smart Object is a portable and personal object with all the smart card security and functions included. In addition, it features the direct Web and PC connectivity thanks to its USB interface and includes an unachieved power (mass storage capacity and processing power). Neowave Smart Objects
offer new opportunities in a wide range of applications such as:

• Mass transit: validation, reloading, on‐line ticketing
• Company/buildings: physical and logical access, secure file transfer
• Payment: contactless payment, reloading, on‐line payment,…
• Education: e‐satchel, bus, metro, access control, network access, e‐ticketing, secured files
• Multimedia, Identity, Healthcare

Neowave Smart Object form factor along with its internal architecture is the kernel of a unique and innovative tool. Plug & Play and user‐friendly, it manages its own installation. Neowave products result from the expertise of the 4 founders in the following domains: Smart Cards, embedded OS, secure chips and consumer products.
Created on June 2007, Neowave is a start‐up located at Gardanne in the South of France.

Michel Leduc
Vice Président Marketing et Ventes
Pôle d’activités Y. Morandat
13120 Gardanne
Tel : 04 42 50 75 04
E-mail : michel.leduc@neowave.fr
Website : www.neowave.fr
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