Berlin 2008 SIMposium, April 22nd -23rd    

Neowave is offering its Smart Object technology to the SIMply U range of UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) empowered dongle from Sagem Orga to create innovative solutions of convergence within communication services.


At Berlin SIMposium booth 103, Sagem-Orga will demonstrate SIMply U devices based on the state of the art smart object technology from Neowave featuring:

• USB key format innovative design
• Built-In SIM card reader
• Plug & play solution
   - Driverless
   - Auto-install
• Flash drive with Secure User Flash Memory space
• State of the art Sagem-Orga SIM card for device security management.
• Dmailer bundled application
• Vitendo UMA/GSM and SIP/IMS Softphone

Smart Object technology from Neowave is breaking the barrier of smart card in terms of connectivity and mass storage capacity to boost end users empowerment, taking benefits from new web services proposed by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). An easy and secure connection to PC and Web services based on Smart Objects will provide end users seamless continuity of services in miscellaneous environments.

Subscribers will also take advantage of the flash drive function to safely store their personal data they use in their daily life. The SIM card will securely control the access to the partitioned Flash mass storage memory.

Bundled applications will be also stored in the Flash memory to offer attractive solutions to consumers, such as:
• Vitendo’s convergence platform supporting state-of-the-art UMA/GSM and SIP/IMS solutions
• Portable backup and synchronization software solutions for mobile devices with Dmailer Combining their expertise in secure transaction and their knowledge in communication market, Sagem Orga and Neowave are offering tools for multiple access solutions to end users.

This Berlin event demonstration is the first step in the Sagem Orga - Neowave partnership to develop smart objects based on convergence solutions.

Smart Objects are new portable and secure e-medias providing users connectivity to PC and Web. They feature a huge memory capacity and processing power in addition to the standard contactless smart cards capabilities. They represent and identify their owner in its environment al lowing him to perform secure transactions with excellent ergonomics thanks to an innovative design and format.

Smart Objects is the core business of NeoWave. It is at the heart of the contactless revolution for the secured transactions world. Neowave Smart Object is a portable and personal object with all the smart card security and functions included. In addition, it features the direct web and PC connectivity thanks to its USB interface and includes an unachieved power (mass storage capacity and processing power). NeoWave Smart Objects offer new opportunities in a wide range of applications such as:

• Mass transit: validation, reloading, on-line ticketing…
• Company/buildings: physical and logical access, secure file transfer
• Payment: contactless payment, reloading, on-line payment
• Education: e-satchel, bus, metro, access control, network access, e-ticketing, secure file transfer…)
• Multimedia, Identity, Healthcare

NeoWave Smart Object form factor along with its internal architecture is the kernel of a unique and innovative tool. Plug and Play and user-friendly it manages its own installation. NeoWave products result from the expertise of the 4 founders in the following domains: smart cards, embedded OS, secure chips and consumer products. Created in June 2007, NeoWave is a start-up located at Gardanne in the South of France.

Michel LEDUC
VP Marketing & Sales
+33 4 42 50 75 04


Established in 2001 and located in Marseille, France, Dmailer is a privately held software company specializing in portable backup and synchronization solutions for a range of mobile devices, including USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard disk drives, mp3 players, embedded phone memory, SIM cards and flash based memory cards for mobile phones (miniSD, microSD, microSDHC,MMCmobile).

The company’s flagship product, Dmailer V7, is currently available in eleven languages and is sold in over 110 countries worldwide. It is bundled with SanDisk, Western Digital and LaCie portable storage products on a worldwide basis.


Anthony REYES
VP of Sales
+33 4 91 29 32 80


Vitendo Systems, Inc. delivers products and technology with the goal of accelerating the deployment of Fixed-Mobile Convergence based services. Vitendo is a privately-held company with headquarters in Newport Beach, California.


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