PARIS - CARTES 2009 Sesame award

Best IT Security Sesame was awarded to Neowave for its Weneo IDentity solution.
Weneo IDentity is the Smart
Object solution for the
enterprise: a single pass
offering logical and physical
access control.
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“With Smart Objects as core business, Neowave comes to life in the very heart of the contactless and web services revolution”.

Bruno BERNARD, CEO’s Neowave.

Located in Gardanne, south of France, Neowave was created by the end of June 2007 by: Bruno Bernard, founder of Innova Card, Michel Leduc, Frédéric Bouchy and Renaud Vignes. The team brings along from day one a very strong expertise and background in secure ICs, smart cards and embedded software as well as a practical knowledge of the market for secure transactions and consumer products.
Weneo’s Smart Objects are new portable and secure e-medias providing users connectivity to PC and Web. They feature a huge memory capacity and processing power in addition to the standard contactless smart cards capabilities.
Weneo allows access to new opportunities and services through different range of implementations:

Mass transit: Contactless transactions with on‐line reloading and update.

Corporate: Physical and logical access with secure file transfer

Banking: Contactless transaction , on‐line reloading, on‐line payment

• but also : e‐Ticketing, Healthcare, DRM (Digital right management),…

Neowave Smart Object form factor along with its innovative internal architecture is at the heart of an unique and innovative transaction trend.

Here is a quick list of our products and solutions :
Weneo Standard, Weneo SIM (SIM slot), Weneo Pass (Photo slot), Weneo Duo (two smart cards), Weneo NFC (Reader), Weneo IDentity (Enterprise Solution), Weneo Transport (Mass Transit Solution).

Pôle d’activités Y. Morandat
1480, avenue d'Arménie
13120 Gardanne
Tel : 04 42 50 70 05
E-mail : contact@neowave.fr


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