• “Plug and Play” strong authentication for Web/Cloud
  • Ease of use
  • Key storage on smart card component
  • FIDO U2F certified / Google compatible

Winkeo (FIDO U2F)

  • Secured USB key with smart card component included
    and/or smart card slot for SIM format
  • 8 GB mass storage
  • Custom partitioning with password-protected access
  • RFID/NFC antenna for contactless communication

Weneo 2.0 range

Weneo ID 2.0
Multi-function strong authentication solution
to build your own custom security policy

Weneo ID 2.0 range

  • Smart card with ISO7816 and/or NFC interface(s)
  • Up to EAL5+ Common Criteria certification
  • Middleware software (strong authentication,
    digital signature, encryption)

Badgeo ID 2.0