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Badgeo NFC U2F

  • FIDO U2F compatible NFC Card for smartphones and tablets
  • Strong authentification for Web/Cloud services on Android devices
  • FIDO U2F certified ISO 14443 NFC Card
  • Easy to deploy and easy to use (compatible with all Android platforms)
  • Smart card based secure storage
    (Common Criteria up to EAL 5+ certification)

Strong authentification for Web / Cloud services on NFC-enabled platforms

Badgeo NFC U2F card:
• Anti-Phishing protection (much more secure than SMS and OTP / TOTP solutions)
• Easy to use (just approach your card to your smartphone or tablet)
• Easy to deploy, no dedicated application, directly compatible with Google Chrome browser through Google Authenticator, compatible with GitHub and Facebook web portals (building a custom all-in-one application is still possible)
• Compatible with all Android NFC-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets)
• No security failure in case of key or password theft (Authentication requires both of them)
• Easy to integrate into your own web / cloud services (open source servers available) and Android App
• Extended compatibility through Web SSO and federation identities providers
• Smart card based secure storage for private keys (PKI / elliptic curves)
• No “key wrapping”, no built-in key inside (unlike most competing products, our customer privacy is guaranteed)

Optional services:
• Smart card personalization
• Design customization: logo, photo, name, ID number, QRcode...

Length 85.60 mm
Width 53.98 mm
Thickness 0.76 mm
Weight 5 g

Built-in smart card (and/or SIM smart card)
• Native operating system  
• EAL5+ CC certification level

Supported Contactless Protocols
- Built-in smartcard:
  • ISO/IEC 14443

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