• Login Windows / Mac
Replace the use of a simple login and password by inserting the key and a PIN code to secure the opening of your session and also all access to available resources on your company network.

• Remote Access and VPN
Protect your remote access from home, while traveling, or even from a public access computer via Windows Remote Desktop, thin client or via a VPN software.

• Mail Encryption / Data / Records
Encrypt your strategic data, whether stored in your mail, your drives or any removable media used in your office or in the cloud.

• Physical & Logical Access (All-in-one Single Badge)
Weneo products have dual USB and NFC / RFID interfaces which is a unique solution for centralized management of logical access (workstations) and physical access (doors, turnstiles, etc.)

• Authentication Office & Sharepoint
Weneos products help ensure to authenticate strongly users of local or remote office suites (Remote Desktop for Office, Office 365, etc.)

• Electronic signature
Digital policies have point out the critical need to authenticate validations and digital signatures. Weneo products cover both internal need of company’s PKI and identity management provided by external certification agencies such as RGS certificates.

• Single Sign-On
The proliferation of passwords paradoxically often resulted in increasing vulnerability and in increasing identity management cost for the Information System users in businesses and administrations. SSO solutions allows to gather all of the identities of each user inside the smart card of the Weneo secured key.

• Password Management
For a simple local use without deploying a real SSO system, it is possible to save and protect your usual login and password with password management application compatible with our middleware software solution.

• Web authentication FIDO U2F
The new FIDO U2F standard finally allows a strong authentication solution for web / cloud, simple to deploy and at lower costs without reducing the high level of security provided by PKI solutions based on smart cards chips. Neowave introduced its first product compatible with this new vision: Keydo.

• Administration System / Servers / IT
It is critical for network administrators and infrastructure managers to adopt strong authentication secure techniques for local or remote access. All our products are compatible with heterogeneous networks and enable secure access to your servers, real or virtual, running on Windows, Mac or Linux.

• Transport
NEOWAVE participated in most of technological improvements related to digitalization of transport tickets recharge. Beyond providing the physical ticket transport (cards, readers and tokens / USB) we can provide a dedicated server solution.