Logiciel Middleware AET SafeSign IC


Flexible middleware for strong authentication with smart cards and USB tokens on any device

This competent all-rounder in terms of strong authentication, integration and compatibility gives you complete freedom and flexibility.
Once rolled out, SafeSign Identity Client (IC) serves as the perfect guard for IT security and enables undreamt-of opportunities for securing your IT infrastructure.

SafeSign IC offers the most comprehensive support available on the market for (card) operating systems, smart cards, USB tokens, languages and functions.

SafeSign IC currently supports more than 200 smart cards and USB tokens. This means you have sustainable and permanent freedom of choice when it comes to manufacturer independence. Whether you decide to use NXP, G&D, Siemens, Oberthur or Gemalto products.

Strong authentication
SafeSign IC enforces two- or multi factor authentication/logon to the network, client PC or application, requiring the end user to have both the USB token or smart card (something you have) and a Personal Identity Number (something you know).

USB tokens and smart cards are physically and logically tamper-resistant, ensuring that the end user’s digital credentials can not be copied, modified or shared.

Authentication based on smart cards or USB tokens provides the highest degree of security. 

SafeSign IC is available for desktops and servers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

Card and token management
The SafeSign IC administration utility provides the program administrator with the ability to manage USB tokens, smart cards and the credentials they contain.
The administrator can set the card PIN, unblock the card, import and delete digitla certificates and keys and set root certificates.

SafeSign IC also provides an end user utility, which allows the user to browse certificates or change the PIN.

SafeSign IC enables the import of digital certificates and the secure storage of externally generated keys.

SafeSign IC also permits applications to initiate key generation directly on smart cards or USB tokens. Thus the key will never leave the token and is not vulnerable to identity theft.

Flexibility without extra costs
Customers are free to start using smart cards with an easy administrable solution for local access control at the secured client. Later on they can add applications to the smart card or USB token as the demand grows, up to certificates as part of a PKI solution, without having to change the smart cards, USB tokens or client infrastructure. 

Broad user base
SafeSign IC is proven to be reliable by over 25 million users worldwide, from consumer to enterprise markets, in all industries where information matters, like eGovernment, Finance & Insurance, Healthcare, Education and other industries.

Software Architecture :

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AET SafeSign IC is bundled with Weneo ID 2.0 products.
More info on the official AET Europe website.

Note : Keydo FIDO U2F do not require any kind of middleware.